Guaranteed Plant Maintenence

Our professionally trained and uniformed technicians will visit your location diligently in order to water, fertilize, clean and trim as needed, ensuring that the flora in your displays is as healthy and attractive as possible. Furthermore, all our maintenance plans include our *Guaranteed Replacement Program* which offers a full warranty on all plants under contract.

Project Design and Installation

From small scale to large, exterior beds to interior gardens, 20 foot trees to desktop containers… we offer custom project design and installation of all shapes and sizes. Our extensive sourcing within the industry combined with our in-house team of dedicated staff ensures that we are eager and able to help you through all the stages of your project.

Seasonal Containerized Displays

Whether it be outside or inside we offer a range of custom, unique and cost effective services across all seasons for your containerized plantings and artificial displays.

Flowering Plant Rotations

A maintenance program designed to keep potted, flowering plants in bloom at your facility year round, adding a beautiful touch of colour to lobbies, reception areas, and other high visibility zones. Working with your preferences we will devise a proposal that not only meets your specifications, but is unique, aesthetically alluring and budget flexible.

Tree washings and prunning

Over time, even in well conditioned environments, dust as well as the natural, healthy organic processes in the flora can cause a layer of particulates to build on the surface of specimens detracting from their natural beauty. In order to combat this we at Southern Foliage offer large scale plant and tree washing using completely non-toxic products to ensure your displays look their best.

Container Refinishing

A multi-stage, completely customizable, refinishing process using the highest quality products that can breathe new life into damaged and weathered containers of all types and sizes.

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